It was indeed Pujya Swamiji's sankalpa which inspired student Sridhar Rao on the spiritual path and later drew him irresistibly to Rishikesh, to the feet of the Master. Sridhar Rao was conferred Sannyas by Gurudev six years after he arrived in Sivananda Ashram, in 1948, on Guru Purnima day, and thus was born Swami Chidananda Maharaj).


Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person

Swami Sivananda

All actions—mental, verbal and physical—constitute Yajna. They should not be for mere selfish acquisition. This will only fatten your ego-sense and tighten your bondage to Samsara and sorrow.

All life and activity is to be a self-offering or a giving of oneself for the service of and benefit and happiness of all beings. Paropakara is the Mula Mantra of this life. Yajna or self-giving is the fundamental principle behind this life.

The more you give yourself, the more you will succeed in casting aside this illusory egoism and the petty selfishness. The more you do this, the greater will become your awareness of your higher divine nature. You will become spiritually aware of your true inner Self.

The more your life becomes an active manifestation of dynamic expression of Yajna, Paropakara and Nisvartha Seva, the greater will be your conquest over sorrows and sufferings and your ascent into peace and higher bliss into life.

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